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File auditing features to improve your business 

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Error Reporting

File Auditor provides clean, easy to read reports listing any errors with a particular form, details about what the error is, if applicable shows where the error is, allowing the agent or transaction coordinator to quickly know what is needed to get the file approved.

Transaction Checklists

When documents are uploaded our smart technology will know what checklist it is associated with, add the checklist to the transaction, and know to now lookout for the rest of the documents on the checklist. You have complete control to edit the checklist, add or remove specific documents, etc.   Transactions Checklists are unlimited, so you can make them for “All the files needed for a Residential Sale - Buyer Side”  or “Steps for working with a buyer - Contract Acceptance to closing”,  or “Marketing Steps to be completed by Admin”.

File Auditor flagged documents and missing documents list
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Template Creation

File Auditor uses a form of Artificial Intelligence called “machine learning” which basically means it learns by watching. So us Humans have to give it a few examples of contracts and identify and label the important fields on each page. With paperwork you already have from deals you have done, we can create templates our technology will learn from and know where to look for things on future documents that are processed through the system.

Communication Portal

A simple feature you would expect - You can add parties to the transaction and communicate with them. Your messages are displayed for your reference at any time. Whether it's “Here is a copy of the contract” or a note referencing why something was done a certain way, you will always be able to look back and see the history.

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Transaction History

The real estate file should tell a story.  Who are the parties, what kind of deal did they make, etc.  With FileAuditor, It occurs to us that you may want to be able to reference the history of any transaction. When were the forms turned in? By who?  What communication happened? Etc. We want you to be armed with every piece of information that you could need down the road. 

User Management

Add users to your account, give them different permissions, control their access, etc. You could give each agent access to their own files, and some admins access to all files, etc.

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Transaction Status Graph

Sometimes a visual aid can be helpful and motivating in terms of getting the job done. With our status graphs the visual processors will know right where they stand and what they have to do to get more of the file to Green so they can get paid.  Reduce liability, improve your relationship with the agents, pass state audits, and just have peace of mind.

Try it out,
we know you'll love it.

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